Dear visitor !

This Web Site has been used as a publishing platform for my bass collection. I have to admit that I am going to close this site now :-(

I received a lot of messages and comments through the years, mostly respectful and friendly, interested and interesting. I love the community of bass players and i had the chance to meet a few, which was always an exciting experience.  

Unfortunately the evolution of web platforms with the - somewhat misleading - annotation of "social" networks also gives a forum to all the wannabes who want to share their crazy fantasies and their boring half-knowledge with the world - without respect to the reader (who has to find the very few interesting parts in that s**t storm) or even damaging the reputation of someone else. 

As a site publisher of course I expect to be offended by web postings. But to be honest I am tired of this now. So I will concentrate on playing bass and enjoy my collection. I will keep close contact to those who know me and still know what the meaning of "social" still implies. 

Enjoy bass playing and thanks for looking. Take care.